Section 2: Creating Media Relations
Types of News Media
Organization Communication
Building Blocks
Guidelines for Media Interviews
Press Releases
Editors' Advisories
Public Service Announcements
Press Conferences
Editorial Board
Internet Strategies
Talk Shows
Developing A Media Plan

Link to A Guide for Journalists Who Report on Crime and Crime Victims
Link to Crime Victim Outreach Tip Sheets
Victim Media Advocacy:
How to Build Positive Relations With the News Media

Press Conferences

a. Press Conference Planning
b. Press Conference Logistics
c. Advance Outreach
d. Prepare a Press Kit
e. Follow-on Activities

Planning an Effective Press Conference

Table covered with a variety of microphones and recording devices.
Press conferences should be held to introduce timely and important news related to crime victims, victims’ rights, victim services, or public safety to your community. This can include—


While press conferences require considerable planning, the “tools of the trade” included in this section will make your task much easier. Please refer to them to write an effective press release or editors’ advisory; develop public service announcements; and provide spokespersons for radio and television talk shows.

a. Press Conference Planning

It’s important to establish a clear goal for a press conference—exactly what you seek to achieve. Once a goal has been determined—

Close up of raised hands in an audience (staged with professiona models).

Podium positioned in front of the U.S. Capitol.


b. Press Conference Logistics

Close up of row of people taking notes (staged with professional models).

c. Advance Outreach




d. Prepare a Press Kit

A comprehensive press kit contains—

e. Follow-on Activities

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