Section 2: Building Media Relations
Types of News Media
Organization Communication
Building Blocks
Guidelines for Media Interviews
Press Releases
Editors' Advisories
Public Service Announcements
Press Conferences
Editorial Board
Internet Strategies
Talk Shows
Developing A Media Plan

Link to A Guide for Journalists Who Report on Crime and Crime Victims
Link to Crime Victim Outreach Tip Sheets
Victim Media Advocacy:
How to Build Positive Relations With the News Media

Organization Communication

Specialized Media and Outreach Venues

There are hundreds of national organizations that represent victims’ rights and issues, as well as criminal/juvenile justice and allied professionals for whom crime victims’ concerns are a part of their overall missions. Most of them sponsor broadcast programming, paper-based publications, Web sites, and listservs. In addition, many journals regularly publish scholarly papers and articles related to crime and victimization.

Many of these outreach venues accept external submissions for publication and provide current news to their constituents. They often reach targeted audiences to whom a specific victim-related message can be directed, and can be an important component of general media outreach activities.

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The “Resources” section of this guide features Web addresses for key national victim assistance, justice-related, and journalism organizations. Many include listings of their key publications and outreach tools, and can be directly contacted for more specific information.

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