Section 2: Building Media Relations
Types of News Media
Organization Communication
Building Blocks
Guidelines for Media Interviews
Press Releases
Editors' Advisories
Public Service Announcements
Press Conferences
Editorial Board
Internet Strategies
Talk Shows
Developing A Media Plan

Link to A Guide for Journalists Who Report on Crime and Crime Victims
Link to Crime Victim Outreach Tip Sheets
Victim Media Advocacy:
How to Build Positive Relations With the News Media

Guidelines for Media Interviews

Guidelines for Media Interviews

Through media interviews, victim advocates inform the public about victims’ needs, rights, and services and also promote the good work of their organizations. “Tips for Media Interviews” in Section 1 of this guide includes detailed suggestions for preparing, conducting, and following up to media interviews, as well as tips for “Dressing for Media Interviews.”

In addition, all requests from the news media for information or media should be documented, with the news media’s information included into an electronic database for future reference and media outreach. A sample “media contact form” is included in the Appendices.



























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