Section 2: Building Media Relations
Types of News Media
Organization Communication
Building Blocks
Guidelines for Media Interviews
Press Releases
Editors' Advisories
Public Service Announcements
Press Conferences
Editorial Board
Internet Strategies
Talk Shows
Developing A Media Plan

Link to A Guide for Journalists Who Report on Crime and Crime Victims
Link to Crime Victim Outreach Tip Sheets
Victim Media Advocacy:
How to Build Positive Relations With the News Media

Internet Strategies

Creating an Internet Strategy

Artful illustration of a computer monitor in shades of blue and white.The Internet provides a unique opportunity for victim advocates and service providers to reach out to victims, raise public awareness, and (for nonprofit organizations) generate funds. It can also provide an opportunity for crime victims and survivors to tell their stories unfiltered and on their terms.

In developing or updating a Web site, you must first determine your target audience(s) and messages (see “Audience and Message” in “Developing a Media Plan”). It also helps to strike a balance between content and graphic design. The information you present should be brief and current; easily accessed through simple navigation; and spread out over individual web pages within the site (this also allows visitors to load information faster).

You can use your Web site as a source for reporters as well: 

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